A Map Called Home

Exhibetted at Inter/Face at ARC gallery and EXPO Chicago 

An ongoing performance in which I wear the harness with the rake heads attached, attempting to systematically walk the entire grid of Chicago starting from the 0/0 point (State and Madison) The rakes slowly grind away. The only documentation is the objects collected by the rakes, bits of texts about the conversations along the road, and the echo bouncing from the buildings. 

An example of one day's text: 
7 hours. Michigan north, till end. Clark, lake view up to lawernce, and back down. 
Wells bridge was closed, went on la salle. 
I will start by saying that before the next walk, I need to get walking shoes. My feet are killing me.
It was cold, but a beautiful day. Walked close to the lake, yet almost no sun. cold as hell. An old lady stopped me and asked what I was doing, told her it was an art project. When explained about it she said that it was a good winter to do it in, since in any other winter I would either freeze to death or get stuck in the snow drift. I just started, so maybe the snow drift is still to come. 
An elderly gentleman in the entrance to a hospital asked me what I was doing. When I told him he was amused. Said: “in New York, nobody would have bothered asking you or thinking about something like. I wish I had my camera” 
After a while a man with a binder under his left arm walked by me. He asked if I was making street music. I think that was the nicest term one can call dragging metal on the ground, but he liked the sound. So I guess it is music. He said I should make a website for this. 
The greatest encounter of them all was two cops on bicycles stopped me. Inquired what I was doing. When I said it was an art project they wanted to see an ID that i'm in school. I gave them my artic card, even though I was wondering what was I doing wrong. And is there any law broken by dragging rakes on the ground. Maybe they thought I was in some drug induced stupor. (If I was maybe my legs wouldn't hurt so much). They kept exclaiming how weird that act is, and I should expect to get asked again. I said I understand and didn't care about it, I thanked them as they went on their bikes, and everyone was on their merry ways. 
The last person was someone that waited with me for a green light. When I said it was an art project he asked”What does it do”. 
– nothing, the project is me walking with the rakes all the streets of chicago. 
– That's interesting. I never heard of anything like that before 
I didn't think the correct response is that I am afraid that it is so overused that I am trite and idiotic. So I just said thank you. The first and foremost is that I need better shoes. The second is that I didn't think about peeing. I need to buy shoes before the next time I walk for sure.