Introduction (Text by Tal Gilad):

Guy Eytan (b.1984, Israel) Originally from Haifa. Currently works and lives in Tel-Aviv/Haifa.

An Intermedia artist who earned his BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem (2010), MFA as well as a MAVCS from SAIC The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois (2014, 2015). His work has been exhibited in more than twenty group shows in Israel, Canada and the United states.


His artistic practice include: Sculpture, Video, performance, Installation,and mixed media sculpture. He also practices in curating, academic and literary writing, archivism, editing and teaching.


Personally a non believer, Guy often uses motifs from early Christianity while pushing Animism towards Objectophilia. In his work he pokes serious fun at ideas like eternal life and the unanswered questions through implicating personal relation with humanity's collective memory.

It’s difficult to access if Guy uses science to prove Absurdism or If he is really exploring his own angst by using Art as a dark fantasy platform.The bulk of the work is in the spirit of romantic conceptualism that even when performative, insists on maintaining intimacy with a viewer/ viewers as opposed to spectator/ audience. In his practice the works are always more projects than pieces, the art object is usually allusive or a by product of an event/ experiment/happening/performance, the material of his work is often with use of his own body. There is always a mild element of self harming or the risk of doing so in a serious soft representation of a BDSM relationship in which the viewers and the art the dominant side, but also a mocking reenactment of the suffering artist, the artist suffers for the art but always almost not at all. A recurring element in Guy’s work is a preserving the forgotten, less in an attempt to save it from the ash heap of history, and more as a way to find, archive, discover the ways the forgotten past still haunts us, comes back uninvited.. Accordingly while some fine art academia and contemporary art are less focused this period of time, It seems guy is highly affected by The Middle ages, when alchemy, sorcery, religion, witchcraft and perhaps art were one and the same.




School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, MAVCS


 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, MFA in Studio Art


Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, BFA with honors 

ECAV,  Ecole cantonale d'art du Valais, Sierre, Switzerland





A Residency at PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig Germany (Oct. - Dec.)

The New Normal - Dawawine, Beirut, Lebanon. (Curated by Murat Adash and Hiba Farhat)


Road Lights - Pilsen Community Gallery, Chicago, IL. (Organized by Laura Goldstein)

In/Habit Echo -  Studebaker Theater, Chicago IL. (Curated by Mitsu Salmon and Rebecca Ladida)

Test Takers - Red Rover, Chicago, IL. (Curated by Laura Goldstein and Jen Karmin)


TALKS - Meekling Press, Chicago. IL. (organized by Anne Yoder)

Acerbunundrum - Ballroom Projects, Chicago, IL. (curated by Dan Floyd)

Hearing, Seeing, Screening II - The Lodge Chicago, IL (curated by Angharad Davis)


Media Futures - Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL. (Curated by Adelheid Mers and Shawn Decker - more information can be found here)

Displaced Forest - Performance for Lindsey French’s Exhibition at Tritriangle, Chicago, IL. (Organized by Ryan t. Dunn)

Plans for the Future - Black Box, Jerusalem, Israel (Curated by Tal Gilad)

The Unfetishable Body of Speech - Future Book Center, Toronto Canada (Curated by Meredith Z.)

WALK/TALK - Comfort Station, Chicago, IL. (Organized by Marissa Lee Benedict)

The Unspeakable Body of Fetish - Future Book Center, Toronto, Canada (Curated by Meredith Z.)


New Blood VII, Performance Festival - Links Hall, Chicago, IL. (Curated by Hannah Sabri Reed)

8 of Hearts - Art Port, Jaffa, Israel. (Curated by Tal Gilad)

Live Archive - Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA. (Organized by Christine Schallenberg)

To Mary the Widow of a Childless Brother - CAA, Tel Aviv, Israel (Curated by Tal Gilad)

2nd Floor Rear - Above Market Gallery, Chicago, IL. (Organized by Audra Jacot)

Inter/face - ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL. (Curated by Jan Tichi)


The Loft Show - Feel Trip, Chicago, IL. (Curated by Joshua Patterson)

In the Eyes of the Other - Re-Feel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. (Curated by Shiri Tarko)


Meta-Morph - New Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. (Curated by Matan Daum)

Lest We Won’t Forget - Muss-Space, Jerusalem, Israel.


Rock, Paper, Scissors - New Gallery, Jerusalem Israel. (Curated by Matan Daum)

Temporary Tracks - Jaffa Street Public Arts, Jerusalem, Israel. (Organized by Idith Wiener)



I Am a Ghost Lover - Lecture at Geographies of Sexulity, Rome, Italy


The Untitled Vanishing of the International Gate - F-News Magazine, Chicago, IL.

Love Letter for Lost Time - Love Letter Long Lost, Tel Aviv, Israel.

“e” and Couple Therapy - Canon, Chicago, IL.


A Map Called Home - F-News Magazine, Chicago, IL.


Build Your Own Mirror Image -  Re-Feel, Magazine and Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Steampunk as a subversive culture -  Archive Magazine, Jerusalem, Israel.

CV as PDF:



eytan.guy gmail.com