Let Me Ask the Questions

Photograph: Sarah Knudtson

Exhibitted as part of In/Habit - Echo at the Studebaker Theater in Chicago 

In front a large low quality print of a theatre curtain with a single microphone, I take out an envelope from a back pocket. Reading each sentence from a new index card, I recite a text about professional personality tests and instructions to the performance. Each member of the audience gets a small bag with 19 grape tomatoes. After they get the bags, I explain that I will read the questions from the test that are not calculated in the score of the original. Every time a viewer says yes to a questions they throw a tomato at me. At the end of the questions, I pass through the audience and ask each one how many tomatoes they have left in the bag. According to that number they get an envelope with a "reading" of their personality. These readings are quotes from sources differing from greek and modern philosophy to pop music. Taken out of context the quotes seemly oddly fitting to each receiver. 

Video by Jane Jerardi